​​​​Summer Smoothie Cleanse

Summer is a perfect time to do a cleanse because

  • you feel like eating less when it’s hot outside and
  • you’re already detoxifying through your skin by sweating more

Why not let your body detoxify even more by giving your digestive system a break?

Join me on this 5-day cleanse that will help you reset your digestive system and improve your sense of well-being. Eating foods that are easy to digest allows your body to do a deeper detoxification and gives it a chance to repair itself at a deeper level.

What will we do on the summer smoothie cleanse?

Day 1: Prepare for the cleanse by eating only raw fruit, vegetables, and nuts to get your body used to raw food.

Days 2-4: Drink smoothies throughout the day. Smoothies will be your meals and snacks for the next 3 days. Drink as many smoothies as you need to feel full. This cleanse is not about starvation.

Day 5: Get your body used to solid food again by eating fruits, vegetables (raw or steamed), and nuts.

Day 6: First day back to normal food, but keep it light, i.e., vegetarian.

What support will we get for this cleanse?

You will get

  • a meal plan for all 5 days
  • recipes for smoothies
  • a shopping list for all the ingredients
  • daily email support and guidance
  • access to a private Facebook group for group support

Who should do this cleanse?

You should do this cleanse if you want

  • more energy
  • clearer skin
  • greater mental and emotional clarity
  • reduced allergy symptoms
  • improved digestive health
  • a stronger immune system
  • reduced cravings
  • weight loss
  • and much more!

Who should not do this cleanse?

Cleansing is not for everyone.

You should not do this cleanse if you

  • are underweight
  • are pregnant or nursing
  • have a weak heart or immune system
  • have cancer
  • have peptic ulcers
  • have low blood pressure
  • have cardiac arrhythmias
  • have just had or are about to have surgery

Cost: $19.97

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