December 5

Prevent Cancer: Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

According to Health Canada, one in two Canadians will get cancer in their lifetimes, and one in four Canadians will die of cancer. In other words, half of the people who get cancer in Canada will die of it. These are alarming statistics!

Based on these figures, modern medicine is able to help only 50% of people who get cancer. Even then, experts talk about survival rates when it comes to cancer, not cure rates. People who survive their first bout of cancer can have a relapse or develop a secondary cancer from their treatment.

What if we were to take back our power? Instead of relying on the medical profession to save us once we are already sick, why don’t we start taking steps to prevent ourselves and our families from getting sick in the first place?

This series of blog posts will cover this topic. There are many things that we can do to prevent cancer.

One of the easiest things we can do to reduce our risk of getting cancer is to reduce our exposure to toxins. It simply requires us to become more aware of the chemicals in our surroundings and eliminating anything toxic that we can.

Your body is extremely resilient. However, if the toxic burden becomes too high from regular or excessive exposure, it can become too much for the body to handle. One thing you can do to reduce your exposure to toxins is to eliminate or reduce the toxic chemicals you use in and around your home.

Take a look at all the chemicals you use in and around your home, such as cleaning products, insecticides, pesticides, and personal care products. TV commercials and other ads do a great job of convincing us that these products make it easier for us to keep our homes and ourselves clean. There seems to be a different cleaning product for every item in the house! Do we really need all of them? Many of them contain toxic ingredients that are unhealthy for us and increase our toxic burden. If you ever read the labels on any of these products, the safety information can be quite frightening! When you use them, they enter your body when you inhale them and get them on your skin. Just how badly do we need these toxins to keep our homes and bodies clean?

Take all your toxic products, especially cleaning products, to the household hazardous waste depot and switch to organic products that are biodegradable, or make your own. Hot water and vinegar can clean just about anything. Not only will your home environment be healthier, but you’ll save money and reduce harm to the environment.

Our homes are one place where we can control our exposure to toxins, so let’s make sure we do so!

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