March 4

Lifestyle Counselling for Health

Lifestyle counselling increases patient awareness of how emotional, physical, environmental, and nutritional factors affect their well-being.

Over time, we develop various habits that make up our daily routines. We get up at a certain time every day, we drink so many cups of coffee, we exercise (or not) a certain number of times per week, we eat certain foods at certain times of the day, and we have certain sleep habits and patterns. We also have jobs and various other responsibilities that keep us busy, and we have certain mental habits and attitudes that shape how we see the world. All of these factors determine our stress levels.

All of these habits contribute to our overall health and well-being. Once we become set in our routines, we are often no longer conscious of them, and we lose awareness of how they may be affecting our health.

As a naturopathic doctor, I thoroughly review your lifestyle habits with you during a detailed intake and draw your attention to how these habits may be affecting your health, and how certain habits may be damaging to your health in the long term. I then work with you to help you change some of these habits to improve your quality of life.

Some of the factors that have a major impact on health that a naturopathic doctor will discuss with you are: stress levels, exercise, sleep patterns,  smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption, and toxin exposure.


Exercise is essential for good health. There are few conditions that do not benefit from exercise because it improves circulation throughout the body. Conditions for which exercise is especially beneficial include depression, angina, diabetes, dementia, and obesity.

The best exercise is anything that you will do on a regular basis because you enjoy it and that you can make part of your lifestyle.

Stress Levels

Studies show that stress is a major risk factor for disease, especially depression, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease. Managing stress levels is therefore vital for the maintenance of good health. As a naturopathic doctor, I work with you to implement lifestyle changes that will help you to better manage your stress levels.

Let me help you.

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