December 18

Acupuncture Case Studies


Bob, a 63 year old man with severe osteoarthritis of the hip, is a candidate for an urgent hip replacement. He uses a cane to take weight off the hip joint when walking. Despite his advanced condition and the late start of acupuncture treatments, Bob reported greater flexibility in the hip joint and better circulation in the knee. He also reported that he was able to put more weight on the knee and that he was able to be less conscious of how he was walking. Before starting acupuncture, he needed to be very conscious of how he placing his foot when walking. After acupuncture treatments, he is able to walk faster and is able to put more weight on his knee.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Cindy, a 60 year old woman, reported that, after two acupuncture treatments, she is feeling more energetic and is in less pain. Usually, sitting for longer periods when travelling causes her to be in a lot of pain. She reported that her most recent trip was "much easier" because she was in less pain than usual. 


Veronica, a 90 year old woman, has had multiple acupuncture treatments for sciatica. Before her first treatment, she was in constant pain. Acupuncture eventually resolved her pain. Two years later, it has not recurred. She currently experiences no pain and listens to people in their 70s at her retirement home complaining about how much pain they are in. 


Susan, an 83 year old woman with many health issues, complained that she had to get up 6 times at night with an urgent need to use the bathroom, which was unsafe due to the high risk of falling when rushing to the bathroom. After a few treatments, the number of times she had to get up was reduced and the urgency disappeared. She was also treated for osteoarthritis of the knees. She was in constant pain, both when sitting and walking. After a few treatments, she reported that the pain went away completely for a few days. When it returned, there was no pain when she was sitting and milder pain when she was walking.    

Psoriatic Arthritis

Linda, a 63-year-old woman with psoriatic arthritis, noticed that the swelling and pain in her wrists and arms lessened after a few acupuncture treatments. She also had greater mobility in her neck and shoulders.

Concussion and Pain post MVA

Jackson, a 44-year-old male, was in two car accidents that left him with a concussion and one-sided pain and nerve damage. The concussion made it difficult for him to concentrate, gave him a constant headache, and he felt pressure behind his eye. After a couple of acupuncture treatments, the concussion symptoms had almost completely resolved and the pain from the nerve and muscle damage in his neck, shoulder, arm, and leg were much improved. 

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