I Help People Achieve Better Physical & Mental Health Using Naturopathic Medicine, Diet, And Holistic Lifestyle Practices 

So That You Can Have A Better Quality Of Life

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I Focus On Helping People Improve Their Physical And Mental Health without dangerous drugs or interventions.


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Would you like to avoid drugs and other expensive interventions if there's a healthier, more natural option?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Naturopathic medicine is preventive medicine.

By focusing on becoming healthier through diet and lifestyle, you can delay or even avoid some of the common diseases we associate with aging. 

Hi. I'm Lina Mockus, a naturopathic doctor practising telemedicine in Ontario. I also do in-office and in-home acupuncture treatments in Toronto and Bluewater. My mission is to support you and your loved ones on your journey towards healthy living so that you can improve and maintain your quality of life and spend your time doing things you enjoy.

I would love to show you how making simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make a significant difference in your health and quality of life. You can slow down or reverse some of the declines we associate with aging. You may even be able to reduce or eliminate some of your prescription drugs.

It’s time to take control of your health and start feeling better.

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